Professional Delivery Service

We offer local deliveries ranging in price from $25 to $50. We make non local deliveries on a case by case basis starting at $100. For delivery of bagged goods please be aware that an additional bag handling fee of $0.50 will be added for every bag after the first 20 bags.

Planting & Guarantee

We offer a Plant and Guarantee Service which includes delivery, installation, and a one year warranty. This service is generally 50% of the price of the tree you would like planted and guaranteed, there is however a $250 minimum to be eligible.

Plant and Guarantee Services are available to customers in our delivery zones.

Bulk Pricing

Hardwood Mulch – $40.00 Per Cubic Yard

Topsoil – $45.00 Per Cubic Yard

Landscape Mix – $50.00 Per Cubic Yard

Delivery fee is not included

Your full size bed can hold 1 cubic yard

Your small size bed or extended cab truck can hold 1/2 a cubic yard

Our delivery truck can deliver up to 3 yards of topsoil or 4 yards of hardwood mulch or landscape mix in one trip

Delivery Fees by Zip Code:

$25 Delivery Zone : Soil, Plants, and Plant and Guarantee Services

  • 75006 and 75234

$35 Delivery Zone : Soil, Plants, and Plant and Guarantee Services

  • 75007, 75287, 75001, 75244, 75229, 75039, 75019, and 75063

$50 Delivery Zone : Plants, and Plant and Guarantee Services

  • 75067, 75010, 75093, 75252, 75248, 75254, 75240, 75230, 75220,75062, and 75038

During Spring and Fall there will be times that delivery will be unavailable.

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